Feedback for Tom Franklin, dates for october groups

Please see the “books we have read”-page for the feedback for our discussions on Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin.

I have to be in London in September so the next groups will be in October. Please let me know which group you are hoping to attend.

We’re discussing Hand Me Down World by Lloyd Jones in October.

 Choice of dates in October :

 Thur 10th October ar 18.15 at the Buchkantine, Dortmunder str. ( nearest U Bahn 9 Turmstrasse) or

 Mon 14th October at 19.30 at my flat or

Wed 16th October at 18.15 at the Ingeborg Drewitz library, 3rd floor Schloss Centre, U and S bahns Rathaus Steglitz) or

 Fri 18th October at 10.30 am at the Ingeborg Drewitz Library.


In November our book will be Aprons and Silver Spoons by Mollie Moran – a charming picture of being “downstairs” in 1930 ‘s London.

Mollie Moran’s entertaining account of life in domestic service is a must for those who enjoy social history. Mollie’s accounts of scrapes, averted disasters and her fierce determination to improve herself are amusing and inspiring. This talented author is now 96 years old and shames many younger writers with her refreshing vitality. I turned the pages and could not put down this wonderful account of Mollie meeting a Blackshirt , her glimpse of Wallis Simpson and the touching account of cooking for Ambassador Neville Henderson just before he visited Germany in an attempt to prevent World War II.

Kitchen skivvy at 14 to cook aged 20 – Mollie is clearly a talented intelligent person who can also write a book which evokes the memories and culture of the 30’s as though they were only yesterday.


Thanks again for some very good discussions. Looking forward to some more in October.


All best,


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