Jan’s English Reading Group in Berlin: Our Book of the year

Which books did we like most?


Monday group

  • The Revolutionary Road
    Richard Yates
  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist
    Mohsin Hamid
  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Mary Ann Shaffer
  • Molly Fox’s Birthday
    Deirdre Madden

Wed, Thur, Fri reading groups

  • The Room of Lost Things
    Stella Duffyy
  • Deaf Sentence
    David Lodge
  • The Belivers
    Zoe Heller
  • The White Tiger
    Aravind Adiga
Readers comments
  • Outstanding examination of the “other side of the coin” in the tale of the fundamental evangelist preacher- that of his victim, Jack.God spare us from Christian charity! and Psychiatric Hospitals
  • I find the question of religion, particularly that of redemption very interesting and moving. And I like the language Robinson uses very much.
  • It was such a good read and I just loved the English humour. Nice when you laugh out loud whilst reading a book.
  • A close race between The Believers and Deaf Sentence; but The Believers ultimately provided more food for thought.
  • It was a very difficult decision between ‘Mudbound’, ‘Home’, “White Tiger” and ‘Room of lost things’. A close run. In the end, I chose Mudbound, because I enjoyed reading it most. I especially liked the writing style, how subtle the character were drawn, the story and that I had been ‘within’ the story, despite the fact that the time-setting is so far from now. Yes, I liked that one best of the ten books I had the chance to read.
  • It was so true to life, amusing, cynical, sad, moving … it had everything. And it was well written.
  • mudbound, in my view, shows dramatically to what extremes people can go in their treatment of others (I just watched “the pianist” – the same topic, different part of the globe). and I think, it is very well written. My second choice would be the solitude of thmas cave. thanks a lot for sending the e-mail reviews, which I much appreciate. often I feel I wouldn’t contribute much in discussions, that’s why I haven’t come for a long time. Do you charge an attendence fee meanwhile?
  • “Deaf Sentence” was the book which left me with the warmest feelings – the one I liked most, but just maybe a touch too warm for such a choice. Thus, I vote for the Believers – it is an amazing feat to create a cast of characters where every single one is more or less dislikeable – and yet make the readers care.
  • Amazing how unspectacular events in one day can form the content of a good book.


Wed, Thur, Fri reading groups

  • The Uncommon Reader
    Alan Bennett
  • Mr.Pip
    Lloyd Jones
  • The Road Home
    Rose Tremain
  • On Chesil Beach
    Ian McEwan
Readers comments
  • “Mr.Pip”Lloyd Jones, Most stunning and interesting book. One of the best. Loved this book. Also loved “Run”by Ann Patchett, which Ithought was very well-written, but having had time to digest them all, Mr.Pip stays with me as a vivid and thought-provoking book “Run”, “On Chesil Beach” and “The Gatering” would be my runners up.
  • “The Uncommon Reader” by Alan Bennett Great writer, most enjoyable to read, you could take it for real :royal couple, household, staff and it is a love story to the Queen.
  • “Gifted”by Nikita Lalwani, Some great books this year! Difficult choice, so had to vote for Rose Tremain and Gifted! Mr.Pip and On Chesil Beach both spiffing runners up!!


Monday group

  • Crow Lake
    Mary Lawson
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns
    Khaled Hosseini
  • The History of Love
    Nicole Krauss

Wed, Thur, Fri reading groups

  • Restless
    William Boyd
  • The Conjuror’s Bird
    Martin Davis
  • Moral Disorder
    Margaret Atwood

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