Jan’s English Reading group in Berlin: About us

We read books in English, especially – but not exclusively – British and Commonwealth writers. Group members are people who love to read and discuss books. The groups are international. Most members are German but 25 different nationalities are represented. Ages range from 18 to 90.

There are two tracks, reading different books, the “monday group” and the “other groups” – the latter offering different times and places, but reading the same book.

Here is how they work.

A book is chosen each month, mostly recommended by Jan. Everyone reads the book and we then meet to exchange our views and impressions. It’s fascinating finding out other people’s reactions to the same book. The meetings are friendly and very informal – serious but a lot of fun. Jan Bild moderates and organises the groups. She liaises with partner bookshops and libraries, prepares discussion questions and researches relevant topics. Jan leads the discussions – at the same time recording members’ views. She sends feedback to members by email . Once you join, Jan will include you on the reading group email list. And by mail, you will also be informed about place and time of the meetings.

How often do the groups meet?

Groups meet monthly. Four groups read and discuss the same book. One group (Monday group) reads a different book. You could choose to read two books a month and join two different groups, but most members find they only have time to read one book a month.

Where do we meet?

Please contact Jan for the details of the meetings. The “other group” places and times are usually:

  • The Ingeborg Drewitz Bibliothek Steglitz :Grunewaldstr.3, U 9 / S-Bahn Rathaus Steglitz) 3rd floor Schloss Centre, 10.15 and 18.15
  • Buchkantine: Essenerstrasse 11 ( U 9 Turmstrasse),  18.15
  • Books in Berlin: Goethestrasse 69, 10625 – Charlottenburg,  19.30

Where can I buy the books?

You should be able to buy the books from the partner bookshops. Jan lets them know two months in advance which books the groups will be reading. Jan also checks, to reduce costs, that the books are available in paperback in Germany or on Amazon.de.

Can anyone join the groups?

Yes. But to get the most out of the groups, you will need to be able to speak good enough English to take part in the discussions.

Is there a fee?

Yes, there is a fee of 6 Euro / meeting.


One Response to Jan’s English Reading group in Berlin: About us

  1. Rayouf Alhumedhi says:

    I was wondering what the suitable age is?
    My daughter loves reading and enjoys sharing her thoughs. She is 13, is that too young?

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